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Geri Martucci’s experience in the real estate development industry includes a 15 year tenure as Executive Manager for several national home builders, giving her unique insight into the needs and objectives of her clients. Geri began Team 1ST in 2002, and continues to be recognized as an outstanding agent in the Henderson and Greater Las Vegas Area markets. After building a large team and reaching the designation of TOP 5% in the nation, she reinvented her business to serve referral clients on a more personal basis.

Offering the best of both worlds to her clients, Geri personally handles and oversees all aspects of her business, while engaging key team support positions to ensure nothing is left to chance. She personally handles client interviews, property staging, marketing campaign design, offer presentations, contract negotiations, direct client communication, and follow through during the closing process to completion of the sale. Geri believes in relationship based business, and joins her clients as a team partner to ensure success in their real estate goals.



William Richardson - Mar 07, 2024

Recently purchases a condo in Boulder City, Nevada. I am so grateful that I had Geri and her team for the purchasing process. They went above and beyond my expectations and helped me through the course, recommending lenders, insurance carries, warranties, etc. I would highly recommend them and would use them again. I cannot say enough good things about the team!

James and - Jan 09, 2024

We were given Geri Martucci’s name by an acquaintance. We contacted Geri, and explained our hopes of purchasing an investment property in Boulder City. In addition, we were also potentially looking for a home for ourselves. Geri went to work. She found several investment properties, and more importantly, discovered restrictions to utilizing VRBO or other short term rental restrictions in BLD. We still looked at a couple of places but turned our attention to a personal home. Geri was very patient as we looked at multiple homes over several months. Put an offer on one home, but we would not increase our initial offer to accommodate the seller. We felt no pressure from Geri to ‘make the deal’ happen. Instead, we continued our search, and found a home that we just loved. At that point, Geri really showed her knowledge of the reality business. She gave us several things to consider upon our purchase, and provided good information on other aspects of the purchase process. When finding a new realtor there is always the nerves of whether they will truly have YOUR best interest during the process. As the process developed we grew to feel that she definitely had OURS! We just love our new home! And we were grateful to have Geri by our side throughout the journey! 

James - Dec 14, 2023

Geri proved to have great patience as we looked for just the right home. And once we made a decision, she was very informative and knowledgeable about the purchase process. It was great to have someone on our side. Thanks Geri!

Paige - Oct 16, 2023

I have had the pleasure of working with Geri for the past 10 years. I have never been nervous about buying or selling a home with her as she is so knowledgeable. Geri always makes herself available, 7 days a week for questions, concerns, and showings. As we all know this is never a fun process, but I truly enjoy doing it with Geri and her daughter Lexi and miss them once all the paperwork is all said and done. I trust Geri immensely, she so honest and real about all details with buying and selling.

Lance Ferguson - Oct 04, 2023

My previous experience with REALTOR's was not positive. Geri and Lexi from Team First made a seemingly insurmountable probate real estate sale into a team process that couldn’t have turned out any better! They were incredibly attentive, helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them for any and all real estate needs! Thank you so much Ladies!!

Ivette McConnell - Jun 05, 2023

I am from Ft.Lauderdale, Fl. My best friend who happened to live in Las Vegas passed away and I was left with the responsibility of taking care of all her affairs. I was given Geri Martucci's name to use as a realtor. That was the best advice that I was given. She made the whole process of selling, cleaning, fixing, etc. as painless as possible. Anything that I needed she was the first person I called since I didn't know anyone in Vegas. She stepped up to the plate and took care of all my concerns and problems. She would even go to the house and help Louis with all his concerns and problems. That was definitely above the scope of a realtor. If not for her professionalism and empathy we would not have been able to accomplish all that needed to be done in such a short time frame. I would recommend Geri Martucci to anyone that needs a professional, caring, experienced, and overall a great person. I am truly blessed to have met her, work with her and now call her a friend.

Lawerance Elam - Apr 10, 2023

Where to start Geri was a great person to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to make sure I understood the process and made time for me if I had any questions. Geri is truly an amazing person and I would definitely use her again. Thank you Geri

Kelly & - Mar 08, 2023

Geri and her team were wonderful! They exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend their services.

Gus and - Mar 06, 2023

I don’t know where to start… I have had Geri and team assist me in buying three homes since I’ve been put into contact with her through a friend. Geri is not only there to help with just the home buying process, but is truly there to assist in anything I’ve ever needed. This last year was really hard for my family and I. Not only did we have to sell our house but we had to buy another one within 4 to 6 months. We listened to everything she said about getting our house sold and we sold it. We then went to find a house. Geri is always listening to what we want and tries so hard to get it. She is on call always. She make things happen even when you think it can’t happen. Geri found the home we wanted. She makes the process so easy. We sold a house and bought one in less than 6 months. We got our house set up and we invited her over to surprise our kids who didn’t think we’d have a place to live. We opened the door and they saw our house set up and were so happy. All I can say is that I trust Geri and Team. They were there from beginning to end. They will always have my loyalty and I will definitely spread the word on the customer service and professionalism of this company. It’s like no other I’ve ever had or seen.

Lynn - Jul 21, 2022

Geri & her team are awesome to work with !! She helped myself and my husband sell and purchase a new home a few years ago. This time, she assisted in selling my Mom's home. She is very professional and attentive to your needs. Everything went smoothly and we were able to sell the house in 5 days and close within the month. I would highly recommend Geri and her team if you looking to buy or sell a home.

MissLaurus - May 04, 2022

Geri was instrumental in our successfully buying a new home, during a supercharged seller’s market. The task was all the more arduous because we were relocating from across the country and many facets of the transaction had to be done long distance. Geri helped us tremendously with negotiating, due diligence, closing and post-closing matters as well. Geri and her team were hard-working, friendly, responsive and generous with their time and helpful advice throughout the process. We would definitely recommend them for anyone desiring to buy a home in Las Vegas.

Rhonda and - Apr 26, 2022

Geri was instrumental in our successfully buying a new home, during a supercharged seller’s market. The task was all the more arduous because we were relocating from across the country and many facets of the transaction had to be done long distance. Geri helped us tremendously with negotiating, due diligence, closing and post-closing matters as well. Geri and her team were hard-working, friendly, responsive and generous with their time and helpful advice throughout the process. We would definitely recommend them for anyone desiring to buy a home in Las Vegas.

Jim Fields - Apr 22, 2022

I first met Geri in late 2017 when I was looking for a home to buy after having moved from Oregon. I was living out of my RV and eager to find something. I found a home of interest and Geri's name was listed as the agent so I contacted her. She showed me the house and impressed me as a realtor I could trust to do her best by me, now after a total of six home transactions with my wife and I, Geri has proven to be everything I thought she was that first day. I have found her to be extremely responsive and 100% in on the entire process from beginning to end. She remains professional while personable, prompt on every inquiry, and always out to provide the very best deal for the property you are buying or selling. Today, my wife and I consider her a close and trusted family friend. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a very effective realtor.

Kristine - Jun 08, 2021

Geri was referred by a family friend when we started looking for our home in Vegas. She has been amazing since my husband and I had no clue about the market and other process in finding a good property, in the location we wanted and the price range we preferred. She tirelessly and eagerly answered all of our questions, was utterly professional and quickly earned our TRUST. She is very dedicated and gives her 110% in providing all necessary information and gives sound advise when asked. I have relatives who are soon moving to Vegas too and I would be more than delighted to recommend Geri!!!

Marlo & - Mar 31, 2021

Geri and her Team are awesome! Geri helped us sell our condo and buy another one. The whole process was seamless. The easiest Real Estate transaction I have experienced. Geri was/is always available for our questions and had/got us an answer asap. We are so happy with our new home and neighborhood.

Michelle and - Mar 18, 2021

Geri and her team are Fantastic ! She helped and guided us thru the process of selling and purchasing. She is so knowledgeable, professional, patient and helpful. She was so patient with helping us find our dream home. The experience was simply amazing. For the sale of our home she helped add the extra touches to get us top dollar. My home never looked better. She referred us amazing companies during the process from carpet cleaning to our loan officer. Thank you so much Geri and Team. You are definitely a 5 star group !

Jim R - Mar 17, 2021

I didn't think I'd turn out really loving the opportunity to communicate on a survey, but we all know it's been a very different year. This is another chance to thank Geri and her team to make it an incredible year for me and my family. I'll always remember her patience, and who would have ever imagined having to follow each other in separate vehicles and wearing masks at all levels of searches and follow ups. Amazing additional effort was made other than just a for sale sign in front of my home, including some plants and towels and dishes that surprised me how sellable it made it! (I think the house looked better when Geri listed it than when I lived in it) I received quick and constant updates, and did I mention she also found me the house of my dreams that's I purchased with her help? She was at both closings, and I got wonderful referrals for everything from inspections, mortgage loan, key service, you name it. See why I liked this way to say thanks again? Thank you Geri and Team1!

Jim R - Feb 03, 2021

Geri has been incredible in all the efforts involved in not only the search for a new home, but also selling the existing property and and tolerating all the advice and support that I must be guilty of! All of the support by both Geri and the Team1, helped in all directions, including outstanding referrals for additional services needed to continue with not only the current, but future projects ahead. Thank you again so much for everything, and yes, Geri will always be my hero of the incredible year of 2020!

Marlon and - Jul 03, 2020

We’ve known Geri for close to 6 years now. She was referred by a coworker when our family relocated to Vegas. Geri has been amazing since Day 1 tirelessly answering all of our questions day in day out. I’ve met a couple more agents but nobody compared to Geri’s personal touch in all she does. She is very trustworthy and always had our best interests. We wouldn’t have been successful in purchasing our 1st home 5 yrs ago and just recently selling and buying a new one in this crazy times without Geri’s tremendous help. We’ll definitely do it all over again with her and her amazing team.

Al Bustillos - Jun 20, 2020

Geri was recommended to me by a friend and former coworker, I was told Geri would pleasantly fulfill all of my relocation needs and he was 100% correct. Upon my initial contact she had assured me that we will find my dream home together and immediately got me started with looking at property online in the areas I desired. Unfortunately I was caught out of the Country during the Corona virus Pandemic and unable to return to the U.S. A two week trip became an unexpected three months. During this time I found my dream home online with the help of Geri’s technological resources. I was not confident that I could make this transaction come to fruition virtually but Geri made it happen by visiting the homes I had an interest in and taking photos and personal videos to share with me all while pointing out highlights and possible concerns of each home, this allowed me to truly see what the property has to offer without being there. Geri is very knowledgeable, professional and in my case very patient. If I had to do it all again I would do it the same way and with the same person GERI.

Marlena Marchesi - Jun 04, 2020

Geri has been a friend of the family for years. We wanted to sell our house but didn't know what to expect since it was during the COVID-19. She assured us that it should sell and that for the most part things are done on line. She made a few suggestions and listed the house for sale. We couldn’t be happier it sold in two weeks. Thanks to the exposure she gave us, everything went perfect! Geri went above and beyond with our expectations. We would highly recommend Geri and her company to everyone! Thank you again Geri. Billy and Marlena Marchesi

Eric Chabira - Mar 31, 2020

Geri Martucci has been an amazing friend and home real estate expert to our family for over a decade. We have bought and sold multiple properties with Geri with ease and absolute certainty that we are receiving the best care and service available every time. We would absolutely recommend Geri and her team for any real estate transaction with a personal touch and sense of care. Thank you Team Martucci!

Jen and - Feb 27, 2020

My husband and I have lived in Southern California all of our lives. We hope to retire in about 10 years so we started to think that maybe we should look into investment property. We were blessed to be introduced to Geri Martucci with highest recommendation from our parents who have also sold their home through Geri and her great team. Honestly the whole experience was smooth from beginning until the end. What we thought would be a difficult long process, turned out to be an experience we would love to do again soon. Thank you Geri for being so attentive and kind! We absolutely love the condo you found for us.

Jen and - Feb 27, 2020

My husband and I have lived in Southern California all of our lives. We hope to retire in about 10 years so we started to think that maybe we should look into investment property. We were blessed to be introduced to Geri Martucci with highest recommendation from our parents who have also sold their home through Geri and her great team. Honestly the whole experience was smooth from beginning until the end. What we thought would be a difficult long process, turned out to be an experience we would love to do again soon. Thank you Geri for being so attentive and kind! We absolutely love the condo you found for us.

Anthony Servillo - Mar 19, 2019

Thank you soooooooooo much!!!! You ROCK, and are simply the best. To us, you are the most BEAUTIFUL inside an out, and those of that know you, are Blessed. Grateful and Thankful for you! Your invaluable advice and knowledge, understanding of our hectic life, and your beautiful staging/decorating, m -Anthony and Maria

Deidre S. - Jan 31, 2019

My family cannot express the compassion my family & I received from Geri Martucci & her team 1st@KellarWilliams. During the process of selling our family home, WOW, I didn't expect the out come of her process would turn out so favorable in getting us the high side of our asking price. You need help & don't want to be under estimated. Look up Geri Martucci@KellarWilliams, Henderson, Nev.

Jon & - Jan 31, 2019

My husband and I just recently put our property on the market to sell. We enlisted the services of Geri Martucci, Team 1st at Keller Williams. We were both totally satisfied with Geri and her daughter Lexi in every aspect of the process. From the marketing, staging, paper signing and appointments it was very stress free, actually made the experience enjoyable, which is usually not the case. Geri was very professional and never missed even the minor details. It was all done in a timely manor and with no problems what so ever. We have sold more than a few properties and we have to say Geri Martucci was the best! I would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone! Thanks again Geri! –Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Simon

Lynn & - Jan 22, 2019

My husband and I were looking to move and in our quest, we saw a home online that we wanted to view. At the time, we didn't have a realtor. When we arrived, we met Geri .Although the property wasn't a fit for us, we were fortunate enough to find the perfect realtor. Geri is the consummate professional. She handles all aspects of buying and selling flawlessly. Whenever we wanted to look at another home or ask for advice, Geri was always available. She really listens to your needs and takes a true interest in helping you to find the home of your dreams. We can't say enough about how pleased we are with Geri and her team. We highly recommend Geri as your realtor !

Lindsey Sato - Jan 14, 2019

I decided I wanted to move to Las Vegas from Hawaii and Geri was recommended to by a family friend. Geri and her team made the process so easy as a first time home buyer in another state! She recommended an area of Las Vegas that I hadn't even considered. But when we went to look at properties in the area, I fell in love with that area! Geri is an expert and goes way above and beyond being a realtor! She definitely is a forever friend. Thank you so much to Geri and her team for helping me buy my home and helping me with things while out of state. Highly highly recommend Geri!

Doug & - Nov 02, 2018

We moved from MN and Geri was recommended to us within the Keller Williams network. What a blessing she was. Since we were not in NV full time, Geri worked tirelessly during our visits to focus on properties that had been pre-selected. In the end, we bought a house we hadn't seen based on her trusted advice and it was the best decision we made as we got the first opportunity on a highly desirable house. Her ability to listen to conversations and focus on the top needs was incredible. She's a forever friend and a regular recommendation we make to others looking for a realtor.

Justin & - Oct 25, 2018

We met Geri randomly a few weeks after moving to Las Vegas, we knew we wanted to buy a house, but didn't have a timeline as we were still waiting to sell our home in Illinois. From that meeting on Geri has ALWAYS been available to answer our questions, even before we officially began working together. She is so knowledgable, friendly, and patient. We always felt like number one to her. Even 3 years later, after we bought our home, she still checks in on us and will just randomly shoot us a "hello" text. Geri is truly a GIFT!

Ericka & - Oct 09, 2018

Geri was referred to us by a close friend and I will always thank him for that because going to her for help to purchase our first home was the best decision that we ever made. No matter the time, she is always very professional and there when needed. She was with us through every step of the way. She made it such an easy and smooth process! She is outstanding and carries so much knowledge with her! We highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed at all! Geri, thank you so much for helping us purchase our dream home and going out the extra mile for our family!

Allen Berndsen - Oct 09, 2018

Geri has been my relator for over 15 years. Her attention to detail and personal service is second to none. She is very helpful in answering any questions promptly and has the patients of a saint. I have and will recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a property.

Joyce & - Apr 03, 2018

We moved cross-country from South Carolina to Las Vegas and we bought a single family home in January 2017 and would highly recommend Geri Martucci and her real estate team. She sets the Gold Standard in Real Estate! Geri worked with us during each step of the process and exhibited a high level of expertise. She has a wealth of local Las Vegas knowledge and understands all phases of the buying and selling process. Her communication and responsiveness was incredible as was her negotiating skills, insuring we got the best deal. We rate our experience with Geri outstanding and would welcome another opportunity to work with her and team again. Thanks again Geri! You're the BEST!

Michael & Dorothy - Mar 05, 2018

As you know, we recently relocated from the United Kingdom, and we were in a great hurry to find our new home and get settled. Your performance was very professional, you looked out for our best interests, and represented us excellently. You helped us negotiate the best financial outcome. Although there were several homes available in the same community we were looking in, with your help, we closed at a price well below the average of several others. We felt very comfortable with you. You went the "Extra Mile", even to personal visits after closing on our new home. One word says it all.....OUTSTANDING! 

Lenny & Laura - Mar 05, 2018

You did a wonderful job, thanks for helping me get instant equity in my home.

Brandon & Cindy - Mar 05, 2018

Your hard work and client care is very special and hard to come by. Cindy and I often talk about what two kids from Indiana have accomplished and you're a big part of that. Thank you for everything you're done for us and our extended family.

Matt & Shannon - Mar 05, 2018

Thank you so much for all your work and expertise in marketing and selling our home. It was a real pleasure to deal with someone in whom we had so much confidence.

June & Yoshi - Mar 05, 2018

Thank you so much, we love our new home. You helped us reach our dreams!

Jeddah & Raquel - Mar 05, 2018

The process of purchasing a home (let alone your very first one) is a stressful process. At many times it's overwhelming and quite confusing. With the help from Geri Martucci of Keller Williams Realty it made our experience not only positive but educational. Geri Martucci is extremely dedicated to her clients and is not only informative but encouraging. She is pro-active and a credible resource and does everything she possibly can to ensure we're on the right track and of course comfortable throughout the entire process. Geri Martucci has not only helped us purchase our first home but has given us a wonderful home buying experience.

David C - Mar 05, 2018

I need to give a big shout out to the Best Realtor in Las Vegas, Geri Martucci who found us our new home in Las Vegas. Geri sold my son's townhome, and sold my other son his new home, she also put deals together for a number of friends. Nobody is a bigger pain in the butt than I am, so I'm sure she's happy we finally found something after all of these years! Geri works tirelessly for her clients, and she's always available to take a text or call, or answer questions. She's a great realtor and a good friend! 

Matthew C - Mar 05, 2018

Geri Martucci has been my real estate agent since I purchased my first home in 2003. Since then she has helped me sell that home, and then purchase two more homes (the most recent was in 2014). She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and has been a great asset to me over the years. She is helpful, always accessible, and I know she is always looking out for my best interests. I have heard many stories of difficult real estate transactions, and I am happy to say that every transaction with Geri has been an absolute delight! 

Christopher L - Mar 05, 2018

Geri Did a great Job of Helping my parents sell their house. She was great from the time we met her all the way through closing. Her complimentary house staging was outstanding! She went above and beyond in helping us coordinate things remotely, and we never even had to come into town. 

Richard Darcy - Mar 01, 2018

I had been looking around the Las Vegas area to find my Retirement home for over a year. I am from California and I didn't know much about the Las Vegas Real Estate Market. I was Introduced To Geri by a friend and I'm very grateful for that. Geri took the time with me on several occasions to drive me around the area and helped me to explore many different neighborhoods that I didn't even know about. When I finally found the home that was right for Me, Geri worked very hard at making sure I knew everything I needed to know to help Me through the New Home buying process. From the initial Contact with the builder to helping me navigate through the financial process Geri was there for me to answer all my Questions. I never had to wait very long for an answer She would answer my Text messages at all hours of the day 7 days a week.I found her knowledge and experience to be superior in her handling of my transaction. I will be forever grateful for all her help. I am so very fortunate that I meet Geri and I will recommend her to anyone for their Real Estate needs.

Don Fernandez - Feb 07, 2018

I am from California and just come across Geri's ad in the flier and it started my journey in selling my current house in centenial and buying a new house in Talesera Hill with KB homes ,she helped me tremendously in navigating this unfamiliar road of real estate got me a good price sold my property in 2 weeks , she presented the house using professional photographer making it looked bigger and attractive than it its, she staged the property for free to help sell the property faster but most of all she helped me find the new house we are looking for talked to the builder so we can have 1% points towards the closing cost , she helped us close the loans to our new house advocated us to the builder as our realtor , TRUST is something hard to find , she really knows her stuff and she will help you too just give her a chance .

Jim - Dec 20, 2017

I recently made the decision to move to the Vegas area away from the climate of the northwest due to health conditions. I was quite anxious about my decision but by coincidence I met Geri at a home she had listed. I have been amazed at the job she has done helping me through my latest home purchase. She was through and professional all the way through out the process helping me find the best house that will make a very nice home in my future. I felt very well represented during the entire process. I didn’t just find the best realtor I have ever worked with but a friend in a new community. Clearly she is the best and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.


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